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OnePlus 6 – Switching to Android After A Life with iOS – Part 2


For someone who lives in Apple’s ecosystem, switching to Android might be a pain. Especially if you are using Calendar, Notes or similar Apple apps too much on your Mac and iPhone. So I will tell how I managed to deal with such problems.

Migrating Contacts To Android

This one is easy but requires some work. I know there are apps to backup contacts and import in Android but I never prefer third party apps for such works. So what I’ve done was going to from browser, go to contacts and export all contacts in .vcf format. Then sent the file to my OnePlus and imported contacts from there. One caveat though, doesn’t work with Chrome on Android, so I had to export contacts using my computer’s browser, then transfer it to my phone.


This one is sad. Since WhatsApp stores backups on iCloud in iOS and Google Drive in Android, there is no way to transfer them. Basically I lost all my WhatsApp chat history. I have seen some very complicated instructions on web to transfer it from iOS to Android but I haven’t tried them. And many people were saying that those instructions were not working.


Here is another sad thing. As far as I know there is no way to migrate your notes to Android except doing it manually. Right now I’m using Google Keep for notes. I don’t like it as much as Apple notes and also since it doesn’t have a Mac App you cannot reach your notes from your computer while you’re offline. Maybe I should consider other third party note taking apps for this.


This one is a bit easier. You can make Apple Calendar sync with Google Calendar. Instructions are provided by Google and it’s easy to do. But at this point I’m considering about giving a try to Outlook as well. It might work much better with SharePoint based accounts.

Google Assistant

Here is something that makes me very happy. Assistant is much better than our aged Siri. It’s integration with apps is much much better than Siri. Many people says that they are not using voice assistants in their lives but I really use them a lot. Creating reminders, taking notes, creating calendar events, setting alarms, playing and controlling music. Even sending messages through different apps when I’m very lazy is much easier with Google Assistant.


First of all, I need to say that I’m not a security freak. I don’t keep sensitive (I mean real sensitive) data on my phone at all. If you have serious guys spending time on stealing your data it means you already have a serious problem. Otherwise I think you are good. With OnePlus I’m using both face unlock and fingerprint sensor. Both works lightning fast. I never see the lock screen. They both immediately takes me to my home screen with one touch. Of course face unlock in OnePlus is not secure as much as fingerprint sensor, or Apple’s FaceID. But it’s completely enough for preventing people from diving into your phone when you left it behind for short periods of time.


Yes, of course I don’t have that perfect synchronization between my phone and computer anymore, but that’s a price to pay if you don’t want to pay crazy 1000+ bucks for an iPhone anymore. Other than that I can say that it went much better than I thought and I’m quite happy for now.

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