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OnePlus 6 – Switching to Android After A Life with iOS – Part 1



I was living in Apple’s ecosystem for years but this has been changed recently. Considering very high price point that Apple decided for their top flagship iPhone X and lack of innovations, I decided to give a try to Android. Of course the brand new OnePlus 6 was a very attracting option for me with a killer performance and it’s reasonable price point.

In this first part we will take a look to the device’s itself and we will discuss about Android against iOS in the next part.


With Qualcomm’s brand new Snapdragon 845 combined with 6 or 8 gigabytes of RAM, OnePlus 6 has no issues with performance. In fact we can easily say that it is the fastest mobile phone on the market right now. Even though benchmark results stay behind of iPhone X, OnePlus 6 still manages to perform better in real life tests.


I am not a heavy camera user but this phone makes me want to shoot something all the time. It is not performing as well as Google’s Pixel 2, Galaxy S9 or iPhone X in some specific cases but even in those cases it requires some attention to detail to be able to see the difference.

The dual camera setup on OnePlus 6 has a main 16 MP and a 20 MP secondary sensors both f/1.7. With OIS on the main camera it has a very good low light performance.

Secondary sensor is only used for supporting portrait mode and turns out with great results.

In video side EIS works perfect but I should mention that EIS is not working simultaneously with OIS. OIS on the video side only works while recording 60 fps videos where EIS is not working. On the other side while recording 30 fps video, OIS is not being used. But I can easily say that results with EIS are much better than results with OIS. But of course some cropping happens on videos where EIS is used.


Here is the saddest part. Even though it never failed me with a day of regular usage, I was expecting much more from a 3300 mAh battery. With an average of 5 hours screen-on-time, I can say that I’m a bit of disappointed. Previous OnePlus 5 and 5T models were delivering more screen-on-time.


Here is another strong part of OnePlus 6. The huge 6.28″ AMOLED display is amazing. It has 1080p resolution but in my honest opinion this resolution is just enough and QHD displays on other flagships are just overkill. The display on this device goes up to ~550 nits which is enough even for very sunny summer days but of course it is not as bright as Apple’s or Samsung’s flagships. The notch is another thing to mention. Yes it is there. I know many people hate it. But I can easily say that it is not a problem. It works just fine, and you can even disable it so it will be blacked out and thanks to great blacks of AMOLED, you will forget that it’s there.


This is it for the first part. In the next part I will tell about my experiences about switching from iOS to Android.

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